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Warranty conditions

The free service during the warranty period is valid only for normal use and maintenance according to the user manual. Any malfunction or damage caused by human beings is not covered by the warranty. Users should take good care of the purchase invoice and user manual so that you can get satisfactory after-sales service in time.

Warranty range

The company will provide free warranty service for any damage caused by manufacturing processes or components within one year from the date of purchase. The free repair service provided during the warranty period includes free repair, free replacement and replacement of faulty spare parts, and products that cannot be repaired are replaced by the same model (the model has been discontinued, and the model is similar). The free service does not include shipping costs for the product due to repairs.

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The following factors are not covered by the free warranty, and customer repairs are subject to a fee.

important directions

Dear customer, thank you for purchasing this product for safe use and best performance. Please read the user manual carefully before use and use it correctly according to the requirements of this manual. Any incorrect operation will be dangerous.


The product is an active product and users must follow common safety rules to avoid hazards.

Defects and abnormal conditions

When the protective facility may be damaged, stop using the product immediately and ensure that there are no unintended operations. Protective facilities may be damaged if the product is:

Precautions for use

Electrode maintenance

The pH electrode has a service life. The life of the electrode depends on the environment and maintenance. To extend the life of the pH electrode, please follow the instructions below:

save the electrode

product instruction

product feature

appearance instruction

function instruction

S3 Pro professional sensor ORP value, and temperature value, upload these values to the aquarium cloud, users can view the sensor value, or historical value and historical value curve at any time through the Aqua Cloud App; if the value is abnormal, the smart controller will move to the smart The app on the phone pushes a sensor anomaly alert to alert the user.

S3 Pro professional sensor module connection diagram


name model specification quantity note
Temperature Sensor 1个
pH Sensor E-201-C 1个  
ORP Sensor 213-01 1个  
Host mount 3个  
cable 1.5米  


(1)ORP electrode (2)pH electrode (3)temperature electrode (4)smart controller

App use

add the scenes

Log in to the Aqua Cloud App and scan the code to add a sensor module. Since the device is uniformly managed by the smart controller, the smart controller must be added before adding the sensor module. Add the smart controller. When the smart controller is bound to another account, you need to log in to the account to unbind it before binding. After successfully scanning the QR code of the smart controller, you need to click the 'OK' button on the device to confirm the binding. The account number needs to ensure that the smart controller power supply is connected correctly before successfully scanning the QR code of the smart controller; ensure that the smart controller is connected to the local area network before successfully scanning the two-dimensional code of the smart controller; keep the network stable and the network speed is good.

add the professional senor device

Professional sensor module binding, when the professional sensor module is bound to the smart controller of other accounts, you need to log in to the account to unbind it before binding; to successfully scan the smart controller QR code before ensuring the professional sensor module and The power supply of the smart controller is connected correctly. At the same time, it is necessary to confirm whether the CAN connection of the professional sensor module and the smart controller is correct; ensure the network is stable and the network speed is good.

View sensor values and historical curves

Check the sensor unit parameter values and historical curves: first make sure that the sensor unit is properly plugged in and the sensor head is placed correctly; secondly, ensure that the network is stable and the network speed is good; then ensure that the connections between the modules are normal; finally, ensure that the detection environment is stable. Its purpose: to visually view the historical value returned by the sensor, and to understand and control the environmental conditions of the system based on historical values.

Set alarm switch status and alarm threshold

Alarm Threshold Setting Specification: The maximum value cannot be less than the minimum value, and the threshold cannot be zero empty and negative. The purpose is to set the alarm threshold by setting the maximum and minimum values, and the App will receive an alert push when it detects that the sensor value exceeds the threshold.

Set the sensor channel nickname

Note: The new nickname will be reviewed according to the relevant specifications, with 2-20 characters, supporting all languages, numbers, "_" or minus signs. It is forbidden to officially nickname, indecent vocabulary, etc. The purpose of setting the nickname is to better distinguish each rain module and each channel.

delete device

Deleting a device is to release the binding relationship between the smart controller and the sensor module. After the binding is released, the smart controller will not read the sensor value in the sensor module, and the sensor module related data in the server will also be deleted. Do not use the delete device feature during normal use

pH calibration

The pH electrode has a long life and requires regular calibration to ensure the accuracy of the measurement. The calibration time is usually 1 week calibration and the calibration interval cannot be greater than 15 days. If pH is found during use The calibration uses a two-point calibration method. The first calibration uses pH=6.86 standard solution, and the second calibration uses pH=9.18 standard solution. The calibration should be performed according to the App's prompt. If the calibration standard is incorrectly selected, calibration will failure.

Note: When calibrating, unscrew the electrode cap on the pH electrode, rinse the electrode with clean water, and then place the electrode in the standard solution for calibration.

Below is step of calibrating:

first open the calibration page

Perform the first calibration

Remove the pH electrode cap, rinse the electrode with clean water, and gently dry it. Put the pH electrode into the pH calibration solution of the first calibration solution 6.86. On the App pH calibration interface, click the first calibration to start the first One point calibration, the calibration time is about 30 seconds to 5 minutes, depending on the state of the electrode. When the first point calibration is completed, the first point calibration button on the App will change to the first point calibration.

Then perform second calibration

After the first calibration is completed, the electrode is taken out from the solution at pH 6.86, rinsed in clean water, gently dried, placed in a solution of 9.18 for a second calibration; open the App, click the second calibration button Start the second calibration. The calibration time is about 30 seconds to 5 minutes. It is determined by the state of the electrode. After the calibration is completed, the App pH calibration interface returns to the initial state before calibration.

Technical specifications

Sensor module model S3 Pro
pH electrode model E-201-C combination electrode
range 6-10
accuracy 0.01
ORP electrode model 213-01铂电极
range 0-1000mV
accuracy 1mV
temperature electrode range 0-70℃
accuracy 0.1℃
power input AC100-240V 50-60Hz 1.0A max
output DC5V 1A
input power 5W
work environment temperature 0-70℃
humidity 10%-90%(Non-condensing)
Storage environment humidity 10%-90%(Non-condensing)
temperature -20℃-85℃
size(long * width * high) 114.4x137.5x32.8mm

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