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Kamoer provides the following documentation for the user:

1.《FX-STP WIFI User Manual》

2.《FX-STP WIFI Quick Start Guide》

Users are advised to read the 《FX-STP WIFI Quick Start Guide》 first to understand the process. For detailed product information, please read the 《FX-STP WIFI User Manual》 Kamoer provides

Product Overview


FX-STP WIFI peristaltic pump is a high-flow, high-precision step peristaltic pump, with high precision, screen display, low noise, maintenance-free and other advantages. The appliance can be operated via a button or remotely controlled with your mobile phone via Wi-Fi.

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Product installation

Operate the device with a knob

Screen Status Description

Screen Status Description

Pump Operation Control

Control the speed of the pump: in the state of pump operation, the rotary button can adjust the flow rate of the pump, the speed of the rotary button pump increases, the counterclockwise rotary button reduces the flow rate, the speed of the rotary button can control the speed of the adjustment flow rate.

Pump Menu Description

In the operating mode pump stop state, the rotary button into the device menu interface, menu interface, by rotating the button to switch different menu options, when the cursor on a certain option, press the button into the corresponding interface of this option; * Menu: menu interface title, when the cursor is on the menu, press the button, back to the next level of the interface; * Language: the language of the pump; * Bid: click to enter the pump's bid interface; * WiFi: click to enter the pump distribution network function interface, the specific operation refers to the app distribution network chapter; * Settings: Click on the serial number of the entry pump to display and restore the factory settings interface.


The specific calibration process is as follows:

Prepare a measuring tube, put the pump pipe out of the pipe into the measuring tube, into the water, ready to set the standard; * a. Rotate the button to move the cursor to the speed selection item; * b. Press the button to enter the speed editing, the speed editor under the spin button edit the speed, after editing, press the button again to complete the editing; * c. Rotate the button to the calibration time item and press the button to start the calibration; * d. Waiting for the countdown to the calibration to be completed; * e. When the countdown to the calibration is complete, enter the input calibration result state, the volume of the liquid in the measuring tube is entered into the interface by the rotary button, press the button to complete the input, the calibration is completed.


Connect Titration Pumps to the Cloud

This device supports mobile phone app remote operation, through the mobile phone app remote operation first of all, the device configuration to connect to the network, the specific operation steps are as follows:


a. Configure the device to connect to Wi-Fi only once, and once the configuration is successful, as long as the app can be connected to the network, open the app and find the device in the device list.

b. If the device configuration fails to connect to Wi-Fi, start over from the first step.

Binding Pump

There are two ways for a user to bind a device, the first is to bind the device through the redistribution network above, and the second way is that the device is already connected to the cloud via a wireless router, where the phone can be connected to the wireless router and the app will be available locally. Users can click on the corresponding device in the list of devices scanned by the local available device, and bind it as follows:

Overview of Calcium Anti-pump Control Interface

Open the app and click on the calcium anti-pump in the device list to enter the calcium anti-pump operator interface:

Setting Up the Interface

In the list of planned channels, we can see the basic information of each pump operation:

Flow Calibration

The purpose of calibration is to improve the accuracy of the added elements; Click "Flow Rate Calibration" in the setup interface to enter the calibration pump head selection interface, select the pump head that needs to be calibrated, and enter the flow calibration interface. Calibration needs to use the barrel, the pump factory has been equipped with a 10ML measuring tube, taking into account the pump tube titration concentration is different, the degree of aging of the pump tube is different, the first use needs to be calibrated, suspected titration is not accurate when it is timely calibration.

Firmware Upgrades

When the pump's firmware program is updated, the user needs to upgrade the firmware to use.


Technical Parameters

After-sales warranty information

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