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Kamoer provides users with the following documentation: 1. 《X2S User Manual》 2. 《X2S Quick Start Guide》

Download Kamoer Pumps App

1.Scan the QR code for the app download of the following icon.

  1. Apple users go to the App Store, Android users enter the Google Play, search for "kamoer pumps" and find the app for the corresponding icon download. Kamoer Pumps App supports Android 4.4 and above systems and iOS 9.1 and above

Get the Tutorial

After installing the app, click on the question mark icon in the upper left corner of the device list page to view the tutorial, including user manuals and common question answers.

Product Overview

Brief Introduction

X2S is a two-channel WIFI water transfer pump, through mobile phone app control, users can use X2S to their own sea or fresh water tank for timed quantitative automatic water exchange, through the optional submersible pump, can also complete the function of automatic rehydration, X2S is equipped with anti-spill sensor, when the water level reaches the anti-spill sensor, An overflow alarm is triggered and the pump stops working.

The X2S is equipped with two stepper titration pumps for continuous long-term use.

Feature Highlights


Out of the Box

Contact the manufacturer immediately if any defects are found during the out-of-box process.

Part Name

Chart of Pipe Connections

Change of Water Pipe Connection Map

Sensor and rehydration pump connection diagram, where liquid surface sensors and rehydration pumps are optional

Status LED Description

State on the front panel of the device is a power LED and a WiFi status LIGHT two-in-one. Status Light (Red)

|Status|Description| |---|---|---| |Long light|The device is in the connected router mode, and the App controls the device by connecting to the router| |Off|The device is in direct connection mode, and the app controls the device through the connected device WiFi | | Fast flashing | Distribution mode, at this time the app can configure the titration pump to access the router 1| | Slow flashing | Device is in router mode, but device is not successfully connected to router |

Power Indicator (Green) |Status|Description| |---|---|---| |Long Bright | Powered on| |Off|Not connected to power or power failure|

Pump Running Indicator PUMP1 and PUMP2 are pump running indicators, and when the pump is running, the pump run indicator is on and the pump run indicator goes out when the pump stops. Pump Run Keys

The two keys on the front panel of the device are the pump running keys, when the keyises are pressed, the corresponding pump runs, and when the keys are lifted, the corresponding pump stops. 1

App Use

App Connecting Devices


Reset Device WiFi

Reset the device WiFi to the default mode, the device WiFi default connection mode is directly connected mode, the user can view the device's WiFi (similar to KAMOER-X2S-XXXXX) on the mobile WiFi list, the user can connect to this WiFi to control the device.

The way to reset the wiFi device is to press and hold the reset button behind the device for more than 5 seconds, the red WiFi light flashes twice, and releases after hearing two chimes.

The user's mobile phone connection device can have two ways, a direct connection mode, a router mode, direct connection mode is the user's mobile phone directly connected to the device's WiFi, through the app control device; The following are described in these two ways;

Direct-connected Mode Control Device

  1. Leave the device in straight-connected mode, check if the red status light is out, if not out, reset WiFi according to the reset device WiFi operation procedure;
  2. Mobile phone search device WiFi signal and connect To WiFi, password is "a12345678"
  3. Open the Kamoer Pumps app, search for the device, and tap into the control device.

Direct-connected Mode Control Device

  1. Mobile phone connected to the home router;
  2. Open the Kamoer Pumps app and click on the distribution button in the upper right corner to enter the distribution device selection interface;
  3. Select X2S for distribution network, according to the App instructions to complete the network action;
  4. Go back to the App Home Device List interface to search for the device and click on the device to enter the device control.


App Home Overview

App Home Overview

Automatic Water Change Plan Settings

Click the time button on the plan home page to enter the plan settings interface

The planning settings interface contains 12 time plans, through the right side of the interface switch to activate and turn off the corresponding time of the water change plan, each moment of water change is through the water exchange interface volume divided by the water change plan, that is, each time the water change is the same

Automatic Water Change Verification

In the automatic water change interface click on the upper right corner of the water change verification, into the water change verification interface;

The purpose of water change verification is to correct the difference between the water output and incoming water of the two pumps.

  1. First of all, the current water level on the cylinder, if with the bottom cylinder, on the bottom cylinder, if the bottomless cylinder, on the top cylinder label, the purpose of the label is when the completion of 1 change of water, can observe the change in the level of liquid;
  2. Click "Start Water Change" and run according to the water change parameters that have been set (the rehydration function will be turned off and can be set to open after the water change verification is completed);
  3. Observe whether the liquid surface is higher or lower than the water level before the change of water, estimate the error and enter it, and the error will be corrected after clicking "Complete". After the water exchange is completed, the water mark is entered negative when the water mark is lower than the marked water mark, and the positive value is entered.

Change Water Manually

When manual water change is required, you can enter the manual water exchange interface for manual water change


Container module users record the user's water bucket and waste water bucket changes, to help the user understand the situation of the bucket and waste water bucket;


The setup module includes flow rate calibration, supplements the evaporative water settings, uses the wizard and restores the factory-set function.


The pump needs to be calibrated when pump flow is found to be not correct

Rehydration Function

The rehydration function is actually replenished by the evaporation water in the cylinder, the principle is that the water in the cylinder will naturally evaporate, evaporation will cause the liquid surface of the cylinder to drop, when the X2S liquid surface sensor recognized the drop in the liquid level, X2S control submersible pump to rehydrate, until the liquid surface sensor refloats;


Technical Parameters

After-sales Warranty Information

1. Warranty Conditions

Warranty free service is limited to the user manual under normal use and maintenance is effective, all person for failure or damage is not covered by the warranty. Users please take good care of the purchase of machine invoices, user manuals, so that you can get satisfactory after-sales service in a timely manner. 2. Warranty Coverage

Within one year from the date of purchase, the Company will provide free warranty service in the event of any damage caused by manufacturing processes or components. Free repair services provided during the warranty period include free repairs, free and replacement of faulty spare parts, and products that cannot be repaired are replaced with the same model (the model has been discontinued, with a similar model). The free service does not include the cost of shipping the product as a result of the repair. 3. Non-warranty Coverage

The following factors are not covered by the free warranty and there is a customer repair charge. 1) The appearance of the product (please confirm at the time of purchase); 2) Improper use, maintenance or storage (use, maintain and keep properly in accordance with the user manual); 3) Inadequate power supply; 4) All kinds of insects into the machine and cause the circuit board short caused by the damage of components; 5) Loss caused by accident; 6) Use of inappropriate spare parts (non-company spare parts not applicable); 7) Non-authorized personnel negligence handling, modification or repair (please do not untaddle decoration); 8) Failure or damage caused by use outside the applicable setting; 9) Damage caused by force majeure, etc. 10) Consumable consumables (e.g. pH electrode, ORP electrode, etc.); 11) The warranty period expires.

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